The Inner Tube: Answering Your Content Creation Questions! (general)

Josh & Kevin discuss RSS Feeds, and how to get your podcast on iTunes. Then, they take some twitter questions about customizing YouTube thumbnails, and how to acquire royalty free music.

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Josh and Kevin talk with actor/writer Torry Martin about writing!

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Kevin deals with separation anxiety by answering a ton of questions submitted via SpeakPipe!

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Kevin demos the Blue Baby Bottle, curticy Rob Jorgenson and Kevin and Josh descuss the ramifications of Kevin quitting his day job, and they finally answer a question somewhere in there. 

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We talk about the best video editing software!

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Josh and Kevin discuss how to bring an already successful platform to YouTube, the best ways to spread content online, and how to record a podcast over Skype.

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Josh and Kevin talk about the pros and cons of vlogging, blogging, and podcasting.

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Josh and Kevin talk about their favorite cameras and microphones on a budget, and how best to pay those who help you out with your YouTube channel.

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Josh and Kevin talk about Online Privacy, Creating Quality Content, and Vlog Lighting.

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Josh and Kevin take a look at the best audio editing software that won't break your wallet, as well as recommend some web hosting sites.

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