The Inner Tube: Answering Your Content Creation Questions!

We chat about how much time you should commit to your YouTube channel, the legality of using copyrighted music, and how to promote an independent film.

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We talk about whether or not you should start a second YouTube channel if you do different kinds of content. Then, we help a missionary in Africa who is getting started on YouTube. And finally, we give advice to a young entrepreneur who is trying to figure out what kind of podcast she should start for her business.

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We talk about our logo and whether or not it's broken. Then we announce the winner of our 48 Hour Film Challenge!

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Josh and Kevin talk about making content you love, while keeping your base happy. Then, they discuss storing large files, and the best ways to treat and sound proof a room on a budget.

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Josh and Kevin discuss mic placement for vlogs and sweetening audio. Plus, Kevin's girlfriend Carmen joins the show to discuss After Effects.

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