The Inner Tube: Answering Your Content Creation Questions!

This week on the show, we answer an email about how to share a message or moral in your story.... but without being PREACHY! Tougher than it sounds!

We also wax nostalgic about our college radio station days.

We hope everyone has a Merry Christmas!

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Lots of drama around the internet this week! We cover it all.

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Josh is on the road this week, so it's a KEVIN TAKEOVER!

Kyle McCord (occasional editor for Say Goodnight Kevin) co-hosts and the two guys talk about Final Cut Pro X vs Premiere Pro.

There is also video game talk because Kevin is a l33t gamer now.

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In this episode, Kevin & Josh realize they're getting old.

THEN we help a guy who wants to build a PC!

And we talk about what makes a villain believable.

If you love tangents, you're going to love THIS WEEK ON THE SHOW!

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This week, we talk about our biggest pet peeves in movies these days.

We also talk about the new Toy Story 4 teasers.

AND we help a guy with 17 subscribers figure out what to do now that one of his videos has gotten 1,000 views!

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This week, we talk all about content. CONTENT!!!!

How do you choose what kind of CONTENT to make?

What do you do when your most popular piece of CONTENT gets blocked?

How do you work on multiple pieces of CONTENT at the same time?!

It's content 24 hours a day 7 days a week on THE INNER TUBE!!!

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This week, we discuss what it means that a big, boring, corporate YouTube channel is about to overtake PewDiePie on YouTube.

Then Kevin shares his experience so far with YouTube Premieres!

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What is the best mic to use when filming sketches?!

How important is audio when it comes to video?!

AND how do you speed up your editing?!


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We talk about our feelings on the BetterHelp Controversy that is currently taking over YouTube!

Then we discuss if YouTube encourages its creators to be sociopaths.

Then we talk about how little we know about getting people to leave 5 star reviews on our podcast.

Then we talk about how Kevin is the best source of audio production KNAWLEDGE.

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This week on the show, we spend ninety minutes talking about our 21 favorite movies of all time. A few of them we share in common and some of them we disagree about, but this was a really fun deep dive into the movies we love and the ones that helped shape the kind of stories we like to tell!

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This episode is all over the place- lots and lots to talk about! We answer a few questions (including an interesting one about how to stay creative even when you're depressed), and also discuss Kevin's recent video where he talks about regretting some things he said in his review of the Kendrick Brother's film War Room.

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Josh is out of town this week, so Kevin takes over the show and chats with the one and only MICHAEL SCHAFFER! He's the creator of the very popular MEMES FOR JESUS account.

Kevin chats with Michael about how this whole thing got started and what it's like being the world's most successful cultivator of Christian memes.

Check out Michael's page here:

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Kevin saw God's Not Dead: A Light in Darkness MANY MOONS ago, but I just finally watched it this past week, so today, we take a deep dive into a movie that we are very, very, very, very, very conflicted about.

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This week on the show, someone tried to RIP ME OFF!

Also, how do you create content when you have dyslexia?

AND Kevin shares some stories from his time working with the folks over at Adventures in Odyssey!

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This week, we discuss the WORST Christian movies of all time, the weirdest pieces of content that influenced us, AND more!

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This week on the show! What kind of computer do we recommend for $1,000? How do we deal with criticism? And HOW DO YOU GET SPONSORS?!

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The dust has settled and everyone has gone home... but Blimey Con and Kev Con 2018 are still fresh in our minds. On this episode, we talk about the third annual event that Josh has hosted and second annual one Kevin has hosted.

Lots of fun and good conversation this week!

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It's our second annual LIVE episode of The Inner Tube, recorded in front of the attendees of Blimey Con and KevCon (aka Breakfast with Kevin). We answer audience questions and have a blast!

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We are living in an alternate universe where Kevin was personally invited onto the set of the new movie by the Kendrick Brothers (Facing the Giants, Fireproof, War Room). In this episode, he shares his experience talking with Alex and Stephen Kendrick.

Because yep... they watched his review of War Room right in front of him. It was awkward.

This is a pretty interesting conversation, as Kevin shares where is YouTube channel has been, and where he wants it to go from here!

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We've got a fun one this week! We chat about the current state of Pixar and how we felt about The Incredibles 2.

We also spend some time talking about our current computer setups and why the question "PC or Mac?" has gotten more complicated for us over the years!

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Sometimes it's good to go back to our ROOOOOTS! We discuss what gear we recommend for beginners in 2018.

Kevin also talks about 1984 and Brave New World.

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We talk about quite a bit on this episode of the show! The first half is just chatting about what's been going on with us, and then we get into a couple of listener questions...

  • "How do I ask to get paid for my work?"
  • "How did you guys find your voices on YouTube?"

Great questions, great episode! Make sure to send in questions:

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Yes, that's right! It's time for another Josh & Kevin movie review!

We recorded this review of the film I Can Only Imagine back in March shortly after seeing the movie in theaters.

Hope you enjoy hearing our thoughts!

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This week on the show, we review that Solo movie everyone hates/loves, then we talk about a really cool piece of hardware Kevin has built to organize his computer files, and finally we discuss the just-released first half of Season 5 of Arrested Development.

Thanks for all you do, Ron Howard!

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It's an action packed hour on The Inner Tube so hang on tight!

  • Building/upgrading a computer: Kevin is building his own server, and I just recently upgraded my computer, so we share our experiences in working on that stuff.
  • An email so shocking, Kevin is rendered speechless: We receive an email this week that puts Kevin at a loss for words for perhaps the first time in his entire life.
  • "Should I quit band in order to do video?": We help listener Jacob try to figure out if he should bail on a commitment he's getting bored with, in order to pursue his passion for video!
  • "How do you guys balance work, health, life, etc?": We got an interesting email asking us how we balance all of the different things we work on. Certainly a lot has changed for both Kevin and I over the last year, so we discuss what life right now looks like for each of us.
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THIS WEEK ON THE SHOW, we talk about why you may have an engaged community, but still aren't succeeding on Patreon.

We also discuss whether or not it's a good idea to post your podcast on YouTube.

Also, Kevin has been very sick. But he's FINALLY FEELING BETTER!

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MAJOR SPOILER ALERT! We are now living in a world where Josh liked an Avengers movie more than Kevin did. WHAT?! Don't miss this episode for our detailed review!

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This week, we talk about a great service Kevin came across that actually lets you A/B test your titles and thumbnails on YouTube.

We also talk about whether or not Brother Brother Time and The Tube exist in the same universe.

There is also some discussion about the Blimey Cow video "Seven Ways Hollywood Is Painfully Out of Touch".

But all of that doesn't really matter, because this episode will always and forever be remembered as "That Moment When Josh Made Kevin Laugh So Hard He Cried"

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Has Kevin finally gone TUBE far?! This week, he went down the terrifying rabbit hole of 9/11 conspiracy videos on YouTube, and this episode of The Inner Tube is the result of his findings.

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This week on the show, Kevin and Josh share the story of how Kevin started doing the sound design each week for Blimey Cow! Hard to believe he's been doing it for around 4 and a half years now!

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Kevin is out this week, so I (Josh) bring in Inner-Circle Member Adler Davidson to co-host the show! Adler is a very funny YouTube comedian/personality who you should know about if you don't already.

Adler has become a good friend of the show, a great friend in real life, so it was fun to have him on the show finally for an hour-long discussion about a bunch of interesting topics.

We discuss how Adler handles running a YouTube channel while he's in college, how to write jokes, and more! Hope you all enjoy.

Adler's YouTube Channel

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Josh is out of town, so Kevin, Carmen, and Barkley take over the show and share some details about current (AND UPCOMING) projects they're working on!

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What would you do if one of your videos blew up... but you eventually decided that you no longer agreed with what you said in the video? We got a really interesting email from a listener of the show asking that very question!

We also discuss how to build a great community in your comment section.

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Last week, we went to the National Religious Broadcasters conference, and it was just LOADS of fun. In this episode, we tell you all about it!

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We took a month off, and this episode explains why.

We weren't sure if we were going to talk about it on The Inner Tube, but we decided it was only fair, since this show is all about documenting the highs (AND the lows) of content creation.

BUT BEFORE we get into all of that, we talk about the eDgY return of Underoath (they swear now– super eDgY!)

And Kevin also shares his experience at the red carpet premier of the film I Can Only Imagine. He ended up having a two hour discussion with Alex Kendrick (Courageous, Fireproof, War Room, etc.) I know– can you believe it?!

This is maybe our favorite episode we've ever recorded. Hope you all enjoy it!

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Wow, it's a REALLY classic episode of The Inner Tube where we answer a couple of questions and then go off on a bunch of tangents! Hope you enjoy this very fun episode of the show.

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Is YouTube CENSORING small creators?! YOU BET! Or not. We discuss it this week on the show.

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This show isn't ACCESSIBLE, you say?! TUBE CONFUSING to understand, you think?!

Well, you're out of excuses because on episode TUBE-hundred, we explain EVERY inner side joke!

Thanks so much to Jeff Ross for compiling the list, and as always to Corban Garcia for making our website look great.

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Kevin and I both had some surprising life changes in 2017 that have extended into the new year. In this episode, we discuss how things have changed and what we hope to accomplish in 2018. This turned into a pretty HONEST and VULNERABLE conversation!

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We're back and up to '18 now!

Happy New Year, everyone! This week, we talk about how famous our friend Bobby Burns is now, the basics of podcasting, and the correct spelling of "How..?" (It's complicated).

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