The Inner Tube: Answering Your Content Creation Questions! (general)

Josh's childhood hero Ace McKay joins the show to talk about his experience in radio.

You can listen to Ace McKay's afternoon show here:

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We reveal the survey results for The Inner Tube Listener Survey, and Kevin tries his best not to get his feelings hurt.

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Consistent Branding, Engaging Your Audience, Tube Many Puns

The Inner Tube Listener Survey 2015:

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Best Mic for Recording Piano & Best Mouse for Video Editing (Plus, we talk a bit about copyright infringement)

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Equipment Shopping List, Vocal Rider vs. Compression, Running Out of Ideas

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How Do You Maximize Editing Efficiency? When Should You Take a Podcasting Hiatus? Should You Set Up an LLC? 

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Jordan Taylor from Blimey Cow joins the show to help Josh and Kevin answer some listener questions!

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This episode was recorded on one microphone in Kevin's apartment! Chris Howard (of INNER CIRCLE fame) showed up, too!

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We sit down for a conversation with the editor of CinemaSins!

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Kevin returns to the show and HAS WORDS. And we discuss the 2015 Adobe Creative Cloud Update!

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