The Inner Tube: Answering Your Content Creation Questions!

This week, we talk about how to maintain an audience while still making content you really enjoy. Then, we talk about creating your own background music. Finally, we discuss the best way to mic a musical.

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This week, we talk about ring lights, staying inspired when working on a tough project, and staying consistent when it appears all of your hard work isn't paying off.

We also explain the difference between "HO-" and "HRU!"

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Kevin is BACK, and we celebrate the fact that his YouTube channel subscriber count is up to 16 (thousand) now (almost!).

We answer questions about the death of Vine, MacBooks, and choosing the best takes when you're editing a video.

We also discuss our Patreon communities a bit.

Feel free to send questions for the show to:

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Today, Josh tells the story of how Blimey Cow got involved with YouTube's #VoteIRL campaign, and why it didn't go quite as they had hoped.

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Kevin's back! And we answer questions about YouTube Cards and failed Patreon campaigns. Then, we try to help out a guy attempting to get a gaming YouTube channel off the ground.

Most importantly though, we figure out how we would introduce the second part of a hypothetical two-part The Inner Tube episode.

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Kevin is out sick this week, so Josh is joined by Inner Circle member Gret Glyer. They talk about Gret's new app DonorSee and discuss the challenges of creating your own app from scratch.

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Recorded live from Kevin's back porch using a couple of cheap dynamic mics! This week, we talk all about tips for starting an audio drama.

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This week on the show, we discuss YouTube channel names, podcast analytics, and audio interfaces on a budget. PLUS, is being a member of The Inner Circle the best thing ever?! YES!

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Things get really out of hand in this special, BONUS episode of The Inner Tube where we recap and react to the horrifying and terrible first Presidential Debate.

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Kevin returns from his honeymoon, and we answer questions about switching gears with your YouTube channel, as well as why we changed the way we title episodes of this show.

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