The Inner Tube: Answering Your Content Creation Questions!

We discuss how to relaunch a dormant YouTube channel on thisweek's episode of the show.

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Balancing the Content You Want to Make vs. What Subscribers Want to See

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Our first episode with our new mic, the Heil PR-40.

Chris Howard joins us today to answer some listen questions. We also talk about Josh's new channel, Movie Trailer Trash!

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Informative vs. Fun Podcasts, Crowd Funding Rewards, & Physical Copies of Online Content

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Kevin had a RUFF weekend with Pro Tools. Plus, we are switching to a different kind of microphone for The Inner Tube!

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Major spoiler alert! If you are planning on seeing "Batman v. Superman," skip this episode until you have! We talk about the latest film from Zach Snyder and discuss what we can learn about storytelling from it.

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This week, we talk with the man behind the popular YouTube channel Couch Tomato. He tells us what it's like having a channel blow up in popularity overnight!

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What advice would we give our younger selves? How do you license music? And should you use a video backdrop for your YouTube channel?

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We went to NRB 2016 in Nashville! Let's talk about what happened.

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Instagram Now Allows Multiple Accounts, iPod Touch Audio, Building a Personality Driven Brand

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