The Inner Tube: Answering Your Content Creation Questions!

Recorded live from Kevin's back porch using a couple of cheap dynamic mics! This week, we talk all about tips for starting an audio drama.

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This week on the show, we discuss YouTube channel names, podcast analytics, and audio interfaces on a budget. PLUS, is being a member of The Inner Circle the best thing ever?! YES!

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Things get really out of hand in this special, BONUS episode of The Inner Tube where we recap and react to the horrifying and terrible first Presidential Debate.

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Kevin returns from his honeymoon, and we answer questions about switching gears with your YouTube channel, as well as why we changed the way we title episodes of this show.

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We discuss a little bit of everything on Kevin's final episode of The Inner Tube (as a bachelor)!

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We go too deep, too deep about censorship and whether or not YouTube's new rules are "censoring" YouTubers.

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What budget lighting kits do we recommend?

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We talk about some recent YouTube drama. Then, we answer emails about overreaching with your content, and what kinds of things we have at our workstations to help keep us inspired.

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We talk about Kevin's upcoming wedding, his upcoming God's Not Dead 2 review, and then we spend some time discussing how to be persuasive with your content.

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We talk about what would Kevin would have done if a person on the street asked about video outros.

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