The Inner Tube: Answering Your Content Creation Questions!

Josh and Kevin discuss the future of Pro Tools, the death of Audacity, and how to track podcast downloads on iTunes!

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Josh, Kevin, and Bobby discuss whether or not you should split up your longer format into multiple parts, the advantages of different audio formats, and how best to move your audience from one social network to another.

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Josh and Kevin talk about changes YouTube is making to the rules governing custom URLs, how long you should hang on to your raw footage, and what the best mics are for doing voice over work.

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Josh, Kevin, and Bobby discuss the best ways to organize your thoughts when creating content, the best platforms to releasing your content, and audio settings for video.

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We are joined by a college friend of Kevin McCreary named Mark Jones, and they reminisce about the old days. Meanwhile, Josh is surprised to find out that Kevin actually has friends!

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We talk about movie review YouTube channels, how to tell an effective story, and the dos and don'ts of character development.

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Josh and Kevin are back together for a jam-packed episode of The Inner Tube!

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We will be back next week! Everyone enjoy the holidays!

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Josh answers questions about how to make your podcast interesting, what kind of equipment you need to get started, and how best to get started doing freelance work.

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We are joined by YouTuber Bobby Burns to chat about the app Vine, video editing productivity, and camera settings.

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