The Inner Tube: Answering Your Content Creation Questions!

Josh and Kevin talk about creating funny content for YouTube, and then discuss the optimal length and regularity of the content you upload.

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Today's episode of The Inner Tube is actually in video form!

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Josh & Kevin answer questions about how best to structure a YouTube channel, the first 24 hours of a video launch, and give some audio advice for video.

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Josh and Kevin are joined again by Torry Martin for a conversation all about networking.

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Josh and Kevin talk with actor/writer Torry Martin about writing!

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Kevin deals with separation anxiety by answering a ton of questions submitted via SpeakPipe!

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Josh and Kevin have an in depth conversation about the struggles and triumphs of starting a YouTube channel.

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Kevin demos the Blue Baby Bottle, curticy Rob Jorgenson and Kevin and Josh descuss the ramifications of Kevin quitting his day job, and they finally answer a question somewhere in there. 

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Josh and Kevin discuss ways to find inspiration for your videos, the important difference between 24fps and 30fps when shooting, and how best to deal with stress.

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Josh and Kevin talk about Podcamp 2014, the ideal length of your podcast episode, and their favorite content to consume.

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