The Inner Tube: Answering Your Content Creation Questions!

Josh and Kevin talk about making content you love, while keeping your base happy. Then, they discuss storing large files, and the best ways to treat and sound proof a room on a budget.

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Josh and Kevin discuss mic placement for vlogs and sweetening audio. Plus, Kevin's girlfriend Carmen joins the show to discuss After Effects.

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Josh and Kevin talk about video monitors, visual effects, and then correct all of the horrible advice Josh gave last week.

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Josh talks about the best computer for video editing on a budget, how to not alienate potential audiences while still staying true to your convictions, and how best to promote your web comic.

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Josh and Kevin sit down for a chat with up and coming YouTuber Bobby Burns, who has accrued over 25,000 subscribers since starting his channel four months ago.

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Josh & Kevin discuss RSS Feeds, and how to get your podcast on iTunes. Then, they take some twitter questions about customizing YouTube thumbnails, and how to acquire royalty free music.

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Josh & Kevin are joined by Stephanie Waring, owner of "Juice Nashville," to discuss how to run a successful Kickstarter campaign.

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Josh and Kevin talk about creating funny content for YouTube, and then discuss the optimal length and regularity of the content you upload.

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Today's episode of The Inner Tube is actually in video form!

Video Link:

Website Link:

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Josh & Kevin answer questions about how best to structure a YouTube channel, the first 24 hours of a video launch, and give some audio advice for video.

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